In my head...

there are so many thoughts I want to share but sitting down and writing anything is a tad difficult at the moment.

Having to work full-time to ensure I can keep a roof over my head, means my time to create new work is limited. And as the creation of new work needs to take precedent during the time available, my plans to blog in-depth and informative content have taken a back seat.

But one of the things I did discover lately while scrolling through some Twitter chats about photography, was how many other creatives are holding down other jobs and how there is sometimes a sense you are a ‘failure’ for not making a full-time living from your art.

Reading the thread, it dawned on me that I had often felt that way, yet at the same timeI realised I did not care anymore if others perceived this as not being successful.

I adore spending time on my practice, developing ideas and trying to achieve them. But what I also adore is the freedom I now feel in recognising that it does not matter if I’m the person who sets up a project to bring more photographic art to Cornwall (one of my on-going plans), or if I enter every suitable open call or competition I see. Freedom in being kinder to myself when juggling everyday life with the desire to make work is where I am at now - and somehow by caring less, I seem to be creating new work.

Quick blogs maybe where it’s at for me for the time being too - perhaps a means to document some thought processes - but definitely the simplest solution to a complex, creative juggling act.

“On such details does the character and habitability of our planet depend.”

Michael Welland. Sand: A Journey through Science and the Imagination.

Having learnt about the global sand crisis in 2017, it was the words of geologist Michael Welland that particularly ignited my own fascination with this ubiquitous natural resource.

It’s intriguing story, the lives it supports and more have unfolded since I began Harena Now.

We have the power to create and destroy, and it is the choices we make as a species as we use the natural world for our own ends, for good or bad, that this camera-less photographic series responds to.

More to follow soon…